Friday, February 02, 2007

Caroll Hart Scholarship deadline!

Send in your application for the Caroll Hart scholarship in before March 1, The Society of Georgia Archivists each year awards a scholarship for attendance at the Georgia Archives Institute held each summer in Atlanta. The purpose of the scholarship is to enhance archival education and membership. The scholarship is named for Carroll Hart, former director of the Georgia Department of Archives and History, founding member of the Society of Georgia Archivists, and founder of the Georgia Archives Institute. The scholarship will cover an amount equal to the noncredit tuition for the Institute but not to exceed $500, and a year's membership in the Society of Georgia Archivists. Please note that individuals must also apply separately to the Georgia Archives Institute [Deadline to apply for Institute is April 15, 2007; Institute will be held June 11-22, 2007]. After the Georgia Archives Institute, the recipient will submit a brief article on the experience for use in the SGA Newsletter.

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